I’m Giap. I’m a Master’s student in International Air Transport Operations and Management at ENAC, Toulouse. My focus is on Airthworthiness, Safety, Quality Control, Training and Maintenance management.

September 2022———————–

I officially graduate from my MoS at ENAC. Meanwhile, I am working for Vietnam Aviation Academy where I play the role as a training monitor for 10 military-pilots at ENAC.

I am looking for a full-time job related to my domain in France. The job is expected to start on the middle of November 2022

I can speak fluently English at level C1, and communicate in-daily life with French.

November 2022——————-

I have started my job in Toulouse since November 2022 as an Airworthiness Engineer. On behalf of Airbus, I support the Continued Airworthiness team as a focal point between Airbus and Airlines, EASA and National Authorities. This job brings me a great opportunity to connect with experts and understand the working procedures from the sight of aeroplane manufacturers and also from the perspective of aviation authorities.

On this site, I am going to post articles, thoughts, blogs, aerospace engineering, life lessons that come from my practical experiences.

Le talent ou la passion n’est pas tout, c’est la persévérance et les efforts qui nous aideront à réussir

Internship summary

6 months with ASSA-AC paved the way for me to grow in the regulation field of global aviation. Hereby is a a summary of my internship

Concept: Design a competency-based training program for aviation safety inspectors in Central Africa Region
Domains PEL, OPS, AIR, AGA

Publish the inspector training program is compulsory for CAA to maintain and educate a number of qualified inspectors in conducting safety oversight functions since it is required in critical element number 4 of ICAO. As a Regional Safety Oversight Organisation in Central Africa, ASSA-AC is presentative for 11 competent authorities in publishing this training program. Since this is a high demand, especially in the fast-growing of aviation industry, the project is required to put in place good manners in terms of addressing the current training problems of ASSA-AC while keeping up to date with ICAO requirements as well as maintaining an equivalent quality of training in comparison with others CAA inspector training program.

This project, therefore, covers ICAO requirements while creating effective training with a new approach, namely the Competency-Based Training (CBT) program with 4 main deliveries. To accomplish this expectation, first of all, the job tasks of inspectors are carefully analysed by each domain. Then, these job tasks are grouped and put in place according to the 8 critical elements concept of ICAO. Secondly, according to each job task, competency is proposed by using Bloom Taxonomy thanks to its benefits demonstrated globally in forming training programs, followed by other referenced research in the training development of FAA, EASA, and other CAAs. Then, these competencies are categorised into 2 groups including general and specific competencies which aims to make training easier in practice. To be more specific, the general competencies will consider being acquired for 4 domains, while specific competencies will be dependent on each domain. Thirdly, the training module is formed by giving the road map of the training procedure followed by courses. Finally, the assessment method is proposed by taking references from Bloom Taxonomy and VENN model ( proposed by IATA).

Overall, the project and reports showed ASI tasks, competencies to carry out tasks, training modules, procedures to design training, difficulties face, limitations, qualification standards and pain points which have failures and mistakes. The training program is expected to put into practice and improve by seeing its efficiency. Moreover, this training program can be used as a reference for training developer descendants in the future.

Summer internship, part-time job, and vacations

ENAC library, 29 September 2021

Today I have a haft day off from class, I decided to go to the library, find my usual place and write something to look back on my summertime, I write it down to remind myself in the future that I had a good time in France.

During July and August, I took part in a project with a teacher at ENAC in order to get involved in doing a summer internship at ENAC with Mr.Benhamad. I spent 2 months to see closer on CS-23 subpart B ( the EASA regulation for small aircraft) and analyze gap differences between the 2 versions of this update (amendment 4 and amendment 5). I went through the details of each article and point out changes as well as new requirements. In the end, my project can be able to support the pilot training program at ENAC and also be selected to use for course material for the teacher.

While most of my classmates chose to relax, visit family, spend time on vacations with traveling, I did a different way, I chose to be busy and learn new things even my job is unpaid. I had to wake up early every morning, go to the office at 8 am, leave it at 5 pm, 5 days a week. I faced a lot of problems with this project. I was feeling very lonely at the beginning cause the ENAC offices were empty. And I was stucked by tons of documents that needed to review. At the same time, to deal with financial problems, I also applied for a part-time job at a Vietnamese restaurant (Kioshque Grand Gond) where I have to do multi-tasks such as (cleaning tables, bowls, plates, arranging foods, preparing ingredients for the kitchen, serving clients ….). My contract is 25 working hours per week, I had to work every night from 18:00 to 23:00 every day during the weekday, sometimes even weekend, because I want to save money for tuition fees and allowance for semester 3. It was a hard time to manage many tasks at the same time, I usually come back home without any energy. Many things came at the same time taught me to manage and arrange properly. I could be tired, I could be wrong at the workplace, get lost in project direction, no time to have summer with a lot of trips. I believe that it is worth it to me, and I am proud of myself, at least I tried as much as I can do. I did not give up.

I think this is a good way to train myself to be stronger, all the difficulties and challenges will put me at a further limit. Somehow I thought I can not handle it, but I did. I want to remark all the good things and lessons that I had learned.

– Sometimes, if we don’t know what is a priority, what we have to do, what is the most important, let ourselves be busy, go forward, work harder. Just do it and learn from your mistakes. Good things will come in the end.

– I learned a lot of daily French vocabulary while working at the restaurant

-I gained more knowledge in airworthiness, and my career path becomes clearer with what I have tried.

-I earned a small saving to submit tuition fee and I am maintaining this at this moment with the contract of working time 15 hours per week ( I work during the weekend) which is enough for my fundamental basis and continue to pursuit class.

For the moment, I’m looking for a final internship to finish my master’s study. I know it will be difficult and more challenging in front. I’m ready to confront it, let come, I’m waiting.

You can do it, Giap

Go for it!!!!